Diving into Boston Theatre with THE WHALE

I like being a Boston Theatre Artist. There, I said it. There are several theatre companies in Boston that I think are doing exciting, and engaging work: Zeitgeist, Underground Railway Theater, Company One, and SpeakEasy Stage Company are just a handful of companies that instantly spring to mind (Imaginary Beasts also deserves a shout out). […]

Becoming Cuba Response

Let me start by saying, I really wanted to like this play. I know Melinda Lopez, I like her writing, and I like her as an artist and a human being. Melinda even gave my wife a children’s book when my daughter was born, and it is one of her favorites. I also find fictionalized […]

50 Years of bringing new work to life

Thank goodness for TCG and their journal, American Theatre.  I began my subscription to American Theatre because I realized that I was very focused on what was happening in the Boston Theatre scene, but was not aware of what was happening in my art form in the rest of the country.  This was a problem.  […]

Target Demographic

How on earth is my demographic (18-34 year-old, male, (and, let’s be honest, straight and white), or possibly 18-49, etc.)  still the most coveted in terms of sales, advertising, and apparently Broadway?  I really want to know, because I find it a bit baffling.  It can’t be because there are more of us.  Data indicates […]

A quick update

This is an update to a post from last month One Step Forward, and….  In that post I noted my excitement about the Olivier nominations for best director.  Three of the four nominees were women, a watershed moment in the history of the award.  The ceremony happened earlier today, Sunday, April 13.  I am happy […]

Start talking, so we can start doing

This semester has been quite a journey for me, in terms of expanding my thinking about diversity and inclusion in theatre.  Working towards greater diversity in the performers we see on stage–and in Boston in particular–has long been a drive for me.  My wife and I frequently  talk about this very topic.  As an artist […]

Obsession with Flicks

Film possesses a quality, a certain key to the mysteries of life, which can resonate deeply within our souls.  Live theatre has this same un-nameable quality.  But, unlike live theatre—which is a mutable, living entity that changes with each performance, cinema is a recording of a moment in time, and once it is recorded it […]