Fear of Regression

I’ve always grown angry when tell me how much they rewrote the other night, or how many characters they cut out of their script after their last reading. I would always think, “Just because something is drastically different, doesn’t make it better.” And I still think that statement holds true. However, I’m realizing how I’ve […]

Fulfilling Day Jobs For Playwrights?

It’s no secret that playwriting in the American theatre doesn’t pay the bills. I’ve made peace with that fact, and in fact find that a really compelling challenge in not taking advantage of my creative free time. Here’s a question though, you great, wide, interwebbed world: what’s a decent first-job for a playwright? I’ve heard […]

Redefining, or Reclaiming, Family Lives in Theatre

I’m 21 years-old, an only child, and a single woman. I am the first woman in my family not to become a schoolteacher, not that I think there is anything wrong with teaching K-12, I just know I would be doing myself and my would-be students a disservice by teaching. I am the first member […]

A Living Experiment in Arts Funding

This marks the first live post of a living, breathing postgrad experiment. In Summer, 2018, my play Hi! How Are You! How’s Your Sex Life is going on tour throughout the U.K. Fringe Festival circuit. As a collective of four women graduating this program, we want to create expatriate theatre that still tells an American, female-driven story. […]

Massachusetts Young Playwright’s Festival

Alright, so this is a tad delayed, but about three weeks ago, I had the honor of acting for the Massachusetts Young Playwright’s Festival, hosted by the Boston Playwright’s Theatre. This festival is a celebration of high school playwright from across the state, and given a team of actors and a director, we have about […]

There’s This Piece In My Back Pocket

I read Sarah Kane’s Blasted the way I read E.F.’s Visit To a Small Planet. Not so much in the way of how to read or write a play, but in what a play can contain. I read it at the start of every semester. Reading Sarah Kane changed my life in a way I can’t quite […]

The Beauty Queen In Boston: How The Touring Production “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” Strengthens Local Ties

With the downward trend in repertory and touring play companies in America, having the opportunity to see a play, and a straight play at that, on a seven-month international tour is a rare thing, indeed. Martin McDonagh’s The Beauty Queen of Leenane, a seething dark comedy that is masterfully unfolded over the course of about […]