The Beauty Queen In Boston: How The Touring Production “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” Strengthens Local Ties

With the downward trend in repertory and touring play companies in America, having the opportunity to see a play, and a straight play at that, on a seven-month international tour is a rare thing, indeed. Martin McDonagh’s The Beauty Queen of Leenane, a seething dark comedy that is masterfully unfolded over the course of about […]

What Exactly Does ‘Early-Career’ Mean?

So, I’m spending my days going through play submission opportunities, and residency opportunities, and development opportunities. And I somehow think that early-career is a good category to describe me. I am, quite literally, early on in my career. But then I start looking at these bios of the playwrights who have received these awards/opportunities/grants, who […]

Parts of the Play vs. Parts of the Country

I’m entering the second week of rehearsals for my play, Hi! How Are You! How’s Your Sex Life? at Boston University. I emphasize that, even though the majority of readers assumably have an affiliation with the school. But I want to point out is that this play is going up in the heart of the New England […]

What Had Me Sweating Through “Sweat”

The longer I am an active theatre artist, the rarer the opportunity becomes to first experience a playwright’s work onstage, rather than read their work first. Lynn Nottage is one of those household contemporary theatre names, and yet I had the fortune to watch her work on Broadway before every cracking open one of her […]

Slow Burn

I keep hearing Playwrights tell me To think of our careers as a slow burn. Like this, Stay with me, Are you waiting…   …   …   … And all the while, You still simmering. But what if, I want to boil over? Do I dry up, Then, After the fact? … … … I’m […]

Theatre Is Why I’m Still Single (Or, Is There Such A Thing As A Date Play?)

Well, Valentine’s Day came and went again, and while some of you may have enjoyed heartfelt gifts or candlelit dinners, I learned that eating chocolate after 11pm now gives me heartburn. Oh, the joys of adulthood. As fellow theatre practitioners, we can all acknowledge that finding free time can be tough. So when I am […]

Reflections on KCACTF

This past week,  I had the honor and privilege to stage a reading of my (former) ten-minute play, Life Could Be A Dream, at the Region 1 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival as part of the National Playwrights Program. Here are some things I will take away with me as a playwright and wanted to share: […]