One small new director

I just recently finished directing my fifth show. (Well it’s only fourth if you count the three middle school musicals I directed… which might just be in a hellish category of its own.) But this show was different. “The Great God Pan” by Amy Herzog was this challenging, beautiful piece of theatre that I couldn’t […]

An Interview with the playwright of “Bainwater”

Dillon McGuire will be having a reading of his play Bainwater during our Sunday Sitdown (Monday, December 11 at 2:00pm)   SW: You’ve been working on this show for a significant amount of time, can you tell me more about the process you’ve been on? DM: It started in 2014. Because my friends and I […]

We Can Do Better(!)

Last week, I posted a blog looking at representation of playwrights in the seasons at BU. Check out that blog here. It was a glimpse into an incomplete pool of data, which myself, Dillon, and Lucy (with many other helping hands and voices) are working to complete. In the meantime I just wanted to respond […]

We’re doing better(?)

Last week in Dramaturgy, we selected plays to work on for our final project. Ilana put a table up on the chalk board and asked us to tally off where our playwrights fell within the following categories: Gender Identity:    Male | Female | Nonbinary | Trans Race: White | Afro-Caribbean | Asian/Asian American | LatinX […]

Women by Men

This blog is going to be full of generalizations about male playwrights, which I don’t feel bad about. My resume is full of women written by men. The vast majority of my repertoire is filled with a not-so-wide range of damsels, abuse victims, and princesses. They all tend to have one key characteristic in common: […]

The Blood Girl

It’s almost Halloween… so I think its about time to talk about blood effects. Naturally, if blood makes you uncomfortable, I suggest you turn back now. Throughout this piece I’m also going to link to youtubers and other makeup artists that I love. I initially had hoped to go through makeup and blood rigs all […]

“Dark Shit”

I was texting a very good non-theatre friend of mine about the play I’m hoping to direct for dirs pro which I summed up as “a play about a guy who’s trying to figure out if his friend’s dad molested him as a child.” (I’m referring to “The Great God Pan” by Amy Herzog). He […]