Earning It.

I recently came across an article by critic Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune entitled: “The real engine behind the arts? Teacher paychecks.” Needless to say, as a current student at an Acting conservatory (with a whopping $46,000 tuition bill), I was intrigued. Jones goes on to explain how “the money provided to the arts […]

Art for … What?

Art for artistic fulfillment or Art for commercial success? It’s a well-established, HEATED, and worthy debate, and as is the case with most “blank-or-blank” scenarios, there is certainly validity to both sides. But what about the creation and cultivation of Art for an entirely different purpose? I recently stumbled across an article on about […]

One Does Not Simply F*** with the Dramatists Guild: Champions for the Little Guys

If you haven’t yet heard about the heated conflict brewing between the Dramatists Guild of America and the South Williamsport Junior Senior High School of Pennsylvania, please, drop whatever you’re doing (including reading this blog post), and read THIS. THE ESSENCE OF THE PROBLEM: A high school cancels a production of Spamalot due to fear […]

“Creative License” – Crossing the Line in Cloud 9

I want to talk about the line between exercising “creative license” and respecting a copyrighted, published work.  Do you know that line?  Have you ever encountered it?  Have you ever crossed it? I ask these questions not to condemn or chastise, but to generate awareness and to strike up what I believe is an important conversation.  I […]