I think the most important lesson I’ve learned this semester year and throughout my BU experience is about community. So much of my young life has been discovering who I am operating independently but ultimately at the end of the day its the people I love and care about that make me want to get […]


Street performance has always been one of my great passions. It began as a fun way to meet people and get cash and has developed for me as an honest form of exploring what the population is like in a specific region. I first started busking in Halifax Nova Scotia my first year at university. […]

The brilliance of the office.

It has been 6 years since I first watched NBC’s hit sitcom “the office” and 6 years later it is still the best sitcom I have ever had the privileged of watching. So many shows try extremely hard to be funny but almost no show succeeds. The office I feel has a lesson for me […]

Don Juan and the Dangers of our societies ideas of Masculinity.

For our thesis Jessie and I chose to put on a Production of Don Juan comes back from the war. This play at the time I read it instilled fear in me at the thought of putting it on. We both felt the script spoke to the toxicity of masculine culture we had been raised […]


The world outside the walls of the University is fast approaching. It is hard to not get overwhelmed with all the new faces and projects I will be surrounded with in the near future. I need to remind myself that every audition is an opportunity. Most everything that I go out for I will not […]

Hope in the Darkest Places

I recently finished the play Pillowman by Martin McDonagh. I was struck by the lightness of the dialogue¬†and the darkness of the action. On first glance this could be interpreted as the sinister underbelly of the world. We are brought up as children like in the stories of the play believing one thing but our […]

Labyrinth and the use of Comedy

I have been struck by the darkness of our world recently and have been fascinated with the way art speaks to our current moment. I want to know what form of theater (Drama, Comedy) whatever it may be will have the most effect on an audience to cause them to seek change for the better. […]

War and Peace

After encountering Giraudoux’s Tiger At the Gates I am fascinated by the¬†questions asked and wonder what our fate will end up being. This show was written on the eve of the second world war by a french diplomat and poet. Here we are more than 70 years later and the world once again seems too […]

My Hardest Class

A few days ago I finished, what has been one of the most difficult classes I have taken at Boston University, Lighting Crafts. As a Theatre Arts Major I am required to take a D and P credit to graduate so I settled on Lighting Crafts on a whim ( Most likely due to the […]

Art is a Marathon.

Today Marks the final Marathon I will witness in Boston for likely some time. I had never really taken the time to watch it before today. The passion and energy of the runners and crowd were electric and made me feel a sense of hope for humanity for the first time in weeks. And that […]

Our future.

Our future.

How do we go on when the “system” seeks our destruction? Do we fight? Do we hide? Do we run and hope for the best? We must show them that we are unafraid and are willing to take a stand. Too often I have been willing to sit back and watch while people I care […]

The problem with 1500$ tickets

Over break I had the pleasure of witnessing Hamilton for the first time. The show itself was incredible but the audience made me concerned. In order to obtain my ticket I had to wait in 10 degree weather for well over 4 hours in the cancellation line. By the time my mother and I finally […]

It’s La La land but much better, and Irish.

There has been a recent trend in hollywood to recapture the “American Movie Musical”. This has been a trend a long time in the making but, is finally beginning to gain ground with the box office success of films such as Les Miserable and Into the Woods. La La land technically also falls into the […]