How Ragnar made me think about collaboration

Next Thursday (12/13) I will be participating in Song, a multi-hour performance art piece by Ragnar Kjartansson, at the ICA.  So in addition to nervously memorizing the one song I will have to sing over and over for four hours, I have been doing some research into Ragnar’s artistic background to get an idea of what […]

The theatre that introduced me to Phaedra

As I am doing dramaturgical work on Phaedra Backwards by Marina Carr for my final project, it brings to mind the very first time I saw the character of Phaedra onstage.  I was a senior in college in Chicago and I went to the Court Theatre to see Racine’s Phèdre, directed by JoAnne Akalaitis.  It […]

The power and potential of risk

A few days have passed since the Danny Bryck Citizen Artist event this week and I have been thinking in depth about two specific things: 1) what it means for someone to be an artist who works in one (or more than one) medium versus a musician or actor or painter, etc. 2) What it […]

Show me the money

Last Thursday, Howlround hosted a book launch/panel discussion about Diane Ragsdale’s book “In the Intersection: Partnerships in the New Play Sector” which I watched live on NewPlayTV.  After musing about the panel discussion for an entire week, I watched the whole thing again tonight to listen carefully to the conversation leading up to a particularly […]

Voice and guitar recital: This is my letter to the world

For those interested, here is a 21st century version of a salon recital that I am involved in next Saturday night in Dorchester with the Greater Boston House Concert Series.  A portion of the ticket sales will be given to organizations helping families in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  I believe there is a discount […]

Lions, a tiger and a suicidal polar bear…oh my!

Seeing “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo” this past weekend was certainly a much different theatrical experience than I have had in the past, mostly due to the fact that it has been a big part of conversation for the past month or so in class.  I read every bit of the program, soaked up […]

Creating a new world or illuminating the one we’ve got

Last month an article was posted on Howlround by David Dower regarding art vs entertainment, which one of us has already posted about.  I would actually like to talk about the comments by Laura Essig on that article which delved into the difference between art creating a new world for the audience and art illuminating […]