Looking Back

I’ve had a hard time coming up with a topic for my last blog post. I considered exploring the concept  of audience etiquette and the girl who was eating “pungent” (okay smelly) humus and crunchy carrots next to me at a play I saw the other day. Then there’s always this interesting article  about Ricky Martin and […]

Opera at the Movies (?) and a Les Mis Tangent

While browsing the internet this weekend I cam across this cool project entitled The Bohemians.  Just as a little background the project is an adaptation of Puccini’s opera La Boheme set in modern-day Williamsburg New York. What? You say there’s already been an adaptation of La Boheme set in New York called Rent? Well that is true, but […]

Michelle Obama Likes Broadway

    The Huntington Theatre Company posted this article from the Boston Globe on their Facebook page yesterday which outlines Michelle Obama’s theatre experiences as well as a few other presidential families. The article mentions that Michelle Obama has made an effort to see plays that have African-American actors or plays that deal directly with […]

Senior Citizens and the Theatre Community

          One of my favorite part of the holidays is hearing stories told by the older members of my family. There are some that need coaxing and there are others that love to tell them (and tell the same ones every year) but I love them all. Its interesting to hear […]

In Your Face (@ the MFA)

Today in class I mention the Mario Testino In Your Faceexhibit which is now at the Museum of Fine Arts. I visited the museum this past weekend because I am currently in a photography class and thought it would be a good idea to check this exhibit out. This link  is a video which show’s him taking […]

Advertisements for Plays

It always kind of creeps me out when I am on a website and the advertisements are tailored to my personal likes. Anyway while on some website recently this advertisement showed up on the side.  At first glance I thought it was for a perfume or even a designer clothes line but no – its for a play! The […]

A Good Post-Show Discussion

                                                                             Image – Tim Spears  This weekend I experienced a really great talk-back. Today the show I am […]