Late to the Game

So I began watching Grease:Live last night. I began watching an artless take on a classic that should never be revived because it’s inherently sexist and immoral. What I forgive the 50’s and John Travolta for, I could never forgive the modern moment for. What I really want to talk about is how much money, […]

A New Kind of Education

I have to admit something. I used to love “Gone With the Wind.” I loved Scarlett. I loved the swelling overture music. I loved the epic love story. I loved Clark Gable. Now I can’t even look at the DVD. It glorified a piece of American history that has been groomed for nostalgia and revery of […]

Directing from the Heart

After my mother passed away I clung to order. Organization. Sense. Meaning. Structure. In a world that defied logic, a world that took my mother away at such a young age in such an unjust way, I was determined to control what I could. I thought directing would support this shift in me. I thought […]

Werk it Workhaus

The Workhaus Collective of Minneapolis has decided to disband after 10 years together. They formed in 2006 with a mission to produce the work of emerging Minneapolis-based playwrights. Much like 13P of New York City, the playwright whose work was being mounted became the artistic director of the company. Other members would fill in the […]

Work in Progress

I’ve always been all bark and no bite. Theatrically speaking. I’ve had almost four years of academic, formal conservatory training which has given me a lot of time to decide a few things about myself. Granted, someone once said that 9/10 of the things you decide about yourself before you’re 20 turn out to be […]

Combatting Millenials with Lasers

“Welcome to tonight’s performance. Just a reminder to turn off all cellphones so as not to interrupt the show. If you choose not to follow instructions, we will just just shoot a laser beam at you.” The National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing has instituted a new system in which ushers are given […]

Playwrights Get PAID

The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale just rewarded nine writers the Windham-Campbell Prize, which amounts to $150,000 each. There are three lucky playwrights in the mix — Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Hannah Moscovitch, and Abbie Spallen. Jacobs-Jenkins, an American playwright, is best known for An Octoroon and Appropriate, both of which premiered in the past five years and won […]