Songs At The End of the World: A Subtle, But Effective Environmental Theatreconcert

When I saw the description on OnTheBoards.tv for Songs At The End of the World by Wunderbaum that included phrases such as “actor/musicians”, “high-energy concert” and “spectacle about dreams”, I knew this was the piece I wanted to watch. After working on a production of Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill earlier this year in which […]

An Iliad in conversation with Translations by Brian Friel

By recommendation of my peers (see multiple rave reviews below), I saw An Iliad starring Denis O’Hare last night at ArtsEmerson. Though word-of-mouth can sometimes be misleading, I was so glad I was able to snag a ticket; I was definitely not disappointed with the production. It was an invigorating, transformative night of theatre. I […]

We need more Girl Power in the Theatre

We need more Girl Power in the Theatre Remember The Spice Girls? Remember how through their bubblegum pop songs they started a mini-revolution of this thing called “girl power”? If not, see this image to jog your memory. What happened to that? We can use a little more of that all over the WORLD frankly, but […]

Company One’s Skype Session with playwright Qui Nguyen after “She Kills Monsters”

So, as I said in my last post, I LOVED She Kills Monsters (now playing at the BCA Plaza Theatre until May 11th). But, that isn’t how the tale ends! It was just my luck that there also happened to be an awesome talk-back with the playwright, Qui Nguyen, afterwards. The talk-back alone was so thought-provoking that […]

“She Kills Monsters” at Company One Kicketh Major Ass

I first encountered She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen when a friend of mine was auditioning for one of the parts in the play. I read sides with her to help her prepare for the audition and from that, I was able to see snip-its of the script. Even from these short excerpts, I could tell […]

Twitter, Stardom, and … oh yeah. The Theatre.

Twitter, Stardom, and … oh yeah. The Theatre. I love pop culture. Pop Culture Cranium? I am king. How did I know about the PSA with the Native American shedding one single tear over people littering his environment that was mentioned in our discussion on Burning Vision by Marie Clements? The show “I Love the 70s” on […]

“You Don’t Know Me, You Don’t Know Me!”

“You Don’t Know Me, You Don’t Know Me!” [The title above should be read a la that moment when a guest enters the stage on something like The Maury Show and the whole audience boos and the guest keeps saying “You Don’t Know Me, You Don’t Know Me!” directly to the audience and shaking their […]

Artistic Directors… let’s talk.

A lot has been percolating in my head since our last class talking about David Henry Hwang and Lauren Yee. It was a class discussion that started with their plays, Chinglish and Ching Chong Chinaman, respectively, and turned into a discussion about the current state of theatre and our issues with it. As mentioned in my last post, these […]

Lost in translation

It started with a realization while we were discussing Love Person by Aditi Brennan Kapil in Contemporary Drama. One aspect of the play that particularly stood out to me was how, whenever Maggie would communicate with Free, it was always translated into ASL and that ASL is not her first language. In other words, Maggie never talks […]

I really dig Diane Paulus

I really dig Diane Paulus I think every theater in America wants a younger audience…and you can’t just hope to have a younger audience, you have to program things that audience is going to connect with. There is an audience for theater that is untapped…and they tend to have a very limited definition of what they think theater […]

The Not So Spontaneous Live Audiobook

            I was disappointed to find that Blood Play by The Debate Society was sold out at the The Next Big Thing Festival through ArtsEmerson. They came to BU and talked to us college students for a bit, which I found absolutely fascinating… so I really wanted to see their work. […]

Contemporary “Oleanna”

Contemporary “Oleanna” Came across this article on my Facebook newsfeed. A 27-year-old woman is suing Lehigh University for 1.3 million dollars for a C+ she received for a class in 2009.  Since talking about David Mamet’s Oleanna in depth last class, I can’t help but think of that play when I read this article.  “Megan Thode, 27, […]

The Ephemeral Art

This week has been a lesson in the ephemerality of theatre for me.  If you happen to have read my previous post, I am in the midst of a crazy 4 weeks of putting on 18 senior acting major thesis projects. Mine is performing this weekend.  This is the story of my week.  It all […]

“The government…

“The government can’t solve problems because the two parties are so wedded to their opposing ideas that they can’t move. The very idea that someone from Congress can’t take something from the other side because they’ll be punished by their own party? That’s stupid. If I were running for office, I would be poaching ideas […]

“Image is Powerful”: Cameron Russell’s TEDTalk

I came across this TEDTalk about a week ago and since then, I can’t help but keep thinking about it. It’s interesting because she is probably not the most eloquent, verbose, or scholarly TEDTalker I have seen. She acknowledges how awkward she is and she even has a slight speech impediment. At the same time, […]