Violence in Theatre

Call me old-fashioned, call me small-minded and prudish, but I absolutely cannot tolerate violence in the theatre. Real violence, not stage combat. The kind of violence that makes you fear for the safety of the actors and sometimes yourself. The kind of violence that is so far from staged or choreographed it looks as if […]

some musings on misogyny

Two days ago, as I was walking through the streets of Boston, I saw a small girl in a stroller with her legs akimbo. I remarked to my male friend- “look at that adorable little girl with her legs up over her head!” There was a man sitting on the curb next to us, and […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Emails

When your diversity is just a calling card, I’m not really interested. I went on an audition the other day. On the call, the company had specified that they were casting only women, non-binary people, and people of color. This was awesome, as it always is to see these things in writing. And when I […]

Passing and Understanding

“Should only Muslims be able to play Muslims?” This was a question we were asked to answer in rehearsal the other night. Some context. We’re doing a play about the Trojans and the Greeks. The concept added on top of it? The Americans vs. “Middle Eastern people.” That’s as specific an answer as we ever […]

High School Musical 4: Vacation to the Border Wall

The following is a general response to the idea that arts education is a non-essential part of the federal budget. It is a response the notion that the only thing we should be spending our money on is big guns and not care of the people who fire them. It is a response to the […]

The Importance of Clarity and Experience

This post is a follow-up to fellow blogger Emily Brown’s recent post, TONYC and Audience Participation. On Tuesday, I attended an event with some of my classmates called Art and Social Change: Experiments in Community. It was event in two parts. For more on the second part of the day– the panel with activist artists […]

The Most Talented Place on Earth

Hey y’all, in the words of Emily Brown, “the Future of theatre” lives within these walls. In the last few weeks, I have seen some incredible theatre. Typical, for being in a theatre school. Except the difference is it was all made by undergraduate students. This school produces the most excellent artists. Directors, actors, set […]