Gender-Neutral and Color-Blind Casting

I have been doing a lot of research for this Dramaturgy class lately, because our final project is due on Friday.  This project entails creating a hypothetical website and production outline for a show.  I chose Wreckage by Caridad Svich and have had a wonderful time discovering more about the playwright and her beliefs.  One […]

Let’s Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya

I just read an intriguing article by Ira Gamerman on HowlRound.  The article was more or less about ageism in regards to new play development.  As a potential playwright myself, I found the article exciting but also really scary.  I often find myself freaking out about what the fuck I am going to do after […]

Starting the Revolution

Today was a wild day of art making and discussion.  My day started off with a conversation between my dramaturgy class and the lovely Diane Ragsdale, author of In the Intersection.  Next, I shared a scene I’ve been working on from The Tempest for my Shakespeare Acting class final.  Then, I had the chance to […]

What’s Next?

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the splendid (too cheesy?) world premiere of Kirsten Greenidge’s play, Splendor.  I thought the production was stunning.  The performers did a fabulous job of telling a story of Thanksgiving.  Viewing this play felt like the roller coaster of emotions one feels when returning home for the holidays, and […]

Latino Theatre

As I have talked about in previous blog posts, I am from the Southwest.  It took me awhile to say this, but I adore that area.  I write about it, I talk about it, I read about it.  It is home for me but it also starts to feel like this mythical place after being […]

Audience Safety: How Hot Is Too Hot?

I recently read an article from the New York Times about a revival of Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman.  This play is from the 60s and is about race and sexuality and passion, yet this recent production brings more to the performance.  The latest performance of this piece of theatre is taking place in The Russian and […]

The Power of Duff

Tonight I saw The Power of Duff by Stephen Belber, directed by Peter DuBois.  What a treat. Since my first year in Boston University’s School of Theatre, I have been tested to take my comments further than “I liked it” and “I didn’t like it.”  That’s really difficult for me, because a lot of the […]

Back Bog Ghost Girls

I just had the pleasure of watching Sam Shepard’s Back Bog Beast Bait at the Boston University Theatre, a performance that completes the BU Fringe Festival.  The show was lovely.  I was completely captivated by the story the second the preshow started. The women of the preshow are what I would love to discuss.  The […]

Viva Las Vegas!

I was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  No, my mom is not a stripper.  Yes, there are schools there. I practically grew up in casinos, and so I know the attractions of Las Vegas Boulevard (or the Strip) like the back of my hand.  They’re all big, flashy shows.  Broadway stuff with loud advertisements for […]


I just got home from seeing a fabulous performance of Gutenberg! The Musical! featuring my fellow classmates, Evan Gambardella and Jake Murphy.  The musical was fast and full of laughs, but also full of a lot of other unnecessary noise, not from the actors, but from the very loud audience member sitting next to me.  […]

The Mysterious World of the Theatre

I am currently working on a devised piece about the women affected by the infamous Henry VIII.  Coming from a family that is not made up of theatregoers, I got a lot of blank stares and sympathetic nods of approval when I told them my casting for this quarter.  After explaining this performance to my […]

Technology & the Arts: A Balancing Act

Today as I was scrolling through Twitter I stumbled upon a conversation about a New York Times article that declared that the number of theatergoers has dropped significantly in the past four years.  It did not take long to find said article, and once I did, I did not know how to feel.  Part of […]

When White Girls Write

When writing for the theatre or otherwise, I have often been told to write what I know.  It seems that this may not be the most beneficial approach.  I am taking a playwriting course this semester, and recently shared a piece that addresses the issues of racism against undocumented immigrants from Mexico and countries in […]

Broadway & the American Audience

I adore theatre as much as the next School of Theatre student; however, attending theatre school has made me really bitter because it has made me incredibly aware of how shallow the American audience can be.  I think this resentful attitude took shape when I started the final project for my Dramatic Literature (1950-1990) class.  […]