The Freedom of Instability

I have been thinking a lot about the instability of a “typical” actor’s career. The “typical” actor in a major market may or may not have representation; they freelance from project to project. An actor that craves stability may be a part of a company or troupe or perhaps they create their own content. I […]

Why Every Young Actor Should Workshop.

During the days of April 18th through April 21st I got the incredible privilege to workshop LEFTOVERS; a hilarious and resonating play written by Josh Wilder being produced this summer by Company One. At the top of the month a Company One representative reached out to me via email and asked  about my interest in […]

Trumps Effect: The Scottsboro Boys

Photo by Nile Hawver On Saturday January 21st, 2017 I walked into The Roberts Studio Theater at the Boston Center for the Arts to see SpeakEasy Stage Company’s extended run of The Scottsboro Boys. The music and lyrics were tastefully crafted by John Kander and the late Fred Ebb, the team that has also given […]

The Impractical Artist

So I have spent the past four years feeling my feet on the ground, culminating knowledge to use as ammo against the system, and really developing my craft as an actor. Now, it is just nearly time to head into the world and make a change, or at least make some money. One of the […]


Last night I got the immense pleasure of watching a STAMP production of UNDOCUMENTED. It was championed by director Rhyver White and two actors: Tatiana Gil and Lourdes Martinez. These women did an incredible job with the set up, storytelling and the “why now.” I really appreciated the opening, or prologue. The girls, directly and […]

COLOR-BLIND HEROISM! (A plea to pilot season 2017)

Dear Hollywood [actually I’m referring specifically to the network and studio presidents that possess a troubling amount of indirect influence over the consciousness of the mass/general population], You are FINALLY entering the last leg of Pilot Season 2017! Scripts have been refined, not polished, but refined. Budgets have been negotiated, and the production plans have been set! […]