Plays in Performance Response #449

Skeleton Crew Response So, I saw Skeleton Crew (at the Calderwood Pavilion produced by the Huntington Theatre Company). My first Dominique Morisseau play I have ever seen. As a black theatre artist, I am ashamed that this was the first play of hers I have ever heard after learning about her name in the past […]

Personal Statement #569

^the above number is arbitrary. I feel like I talk about myself a lot just to get by. —————————————————————————————————————————————– WHO I AM When I was younger, I’ll say about five years old, I sang my heart out. Literally, every time I sang, it felt as if my heart was tearing out of my chest it […]

My Senior Year Process Paper

Hello. For the Boston University School of Theatre, undergrad performance students need to write a paper of their process for the end of each semester. Here it is!                       If I am not embarrassed by this in 30 years if not by next week, I’ve done […]

Moving On

Hello ! Why not spend a blog post unpacking in my final few weeks at University…?? I have the space, I have the ability … and I have the requirement of needing a certain number of these posts by the time the grading period is closed. First off, I am thankful to be able to […]

“The Urgency of Intersectionality”

Only recently did I watch, “The Urgency of Intersectionality,” a TED Talk lead by Kimberlé Crenshaw. “As a pioneer in critical race theory, Kimberlé Crenshaw helped open the discussion of the double bind faced by victims of simultaneous racial and gender prejudice.” You can find more information on Crenshaw here as well as the video […]

I Fell in Love with an Actor

Yesterday, at 2pm, I saw a show. And I fell in love. Have you ever felt that rush of electricity buzz to your fingertips as your body perked up in confusion? Well, she made my body perk.                                      […]


Tonight, I saw a show where the lead did not know their lines. Before I go off, I will say the actor was the third replacement after the other two actors for the role dropped out. During this 7th performance of the run, this actor was stumbling on their lines and holding an Ipad only […]