The Problem with Ironic Distance

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of talks about the power that humor and comedy have in relationship to times of political crisis, and how important that form is to utilize in today’s world. I want to just establish up top that my response to that, in short, is yes. I think when you look at […]

Gentleness, Big Ideas, and Next Weeks Post.

I made an observation about my relationship to this blog last year that feels very true to me, and at the same time I don’t think I really understood it. (which is sort of a strange phenomena, but alas.) I noted for myself that I think I am at my best in this blog (and […]

The Absurdist Impulse in our Time

It is no secret to anyone that I have particular fondness for the absurdist theater, and recently I’ve heard a lot of talk about the power that absurdist theater can have in this current political climate. For example, in the short span of two weeks Howlround has put out not one, but two different pieces […]

Some thoughts about stuff…mirrors…objective or subjective truth….meaning…it’s a little scattered…this a long tittle…I wrote a thing.

I would like state up front that this is not a formal argument. I know I probably shouldn’t qualify too much, but I feel as if this topic deserves a well thought out and specific argument, which I do not have. My thoughts are still pretty scattered with some vague connections, but the subject has been […]

Reverence for Plays

I’ve come to a realization, I had to fail in order to do it, but I suppose that’s the case with many realizations. As I have said in my first blog post, I have been reading a lot of new plays recently, and one thing I have been doing is  volunteering to read some new plays […]

What is the Worth of Your Autistic Character?

I am very insecure about my intelligence.  I didn’t know how to start this thing so I figured I might as well go ahead and just say it. I have a very odd relationship with my intelligence and how I think, and I am beginning to realize how negatively this can manifest itself in me […]

The Potential of the Staged Reading: Are we Fulfilling it?

What does a play need from a staged reading? A response that might immediately come to mind is something along the lines of ‘to hear the play out loud’ ‘so I can hear the words come out of actors mouths” So I can get a fresh set of eyes and ears on the play’. These are […]