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Playwright Tool – The Character Sketch

The Character Sketch

Before you begin writing at the level of scene, it’s a good idea to know your character somewhat.  Of course, your level of intimacy with your character will only increase as you write, and many writers learn about their characters by extensive rough drafting.  But working up a character sketch can save you some time, or at least illuminate the kinds of information readers need to experience your character as a thinking, breathing human being. 

Keep in mind that you must know more, much more in fact, about your character than you put on the page.  You must have an entire person alive in your writer’s heart, and then compress that person through suggestion onto the page, where the reader will breathe life into the character again by combining your work with his/her own life experiences.


Name & Age


Physical description



Current place of residence




What kind of clothes does x wear?

Car does x drive?

Food does x like?

Movies does x watch?

Books does x read?

Music does x listen to?

House of worship does x attend?

Hobbies does x enjoy?

What is in x’s purse/pocket/wallet?


Night stand?



What is x’s greatest fear?

What is x’s greatest success?

What is x’s greatest failure?

What brings x the most joy?

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