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Senior Stagecraft

This past week I have been in tech. And though I am an acting major, I did not spend the last week performing. I spent it at a light-board, working the lights for the first senior acting major thesis. I’d never touched a light-board before a week ago, but the process of tech week taught me so much that after only three days working lights for my classmates, I was able to spend twenty minutes of my own free time designing the lights for my thesis. Sound-wise, simply from watching my classmate work sound next to me I figured out the user interface for QLab and also designed my own sound cues.

Today is the first day of our second week of tech, and I have my lights and sound fully designed. Introduction to Theatre Production was a requirement for me freshman year and I also worked on four different shows. Perhaps because these things were required of me, or perhaps because I was four years younger, working backstage on shows was a requirement of my education that I have not fully appreciated until now. Having the responsibility to design my own thesis requires me to fully immerse myself in the part of theatre that I normally watch from an outside perspective. Looking back, it makes me wish I had appreciated the opportunity to learn about theatrical design and production when I was a freshman more.

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