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Peek Behind the Pages

In addition to my previous posts Playwrights Play with Playlists & First Day Jitters

I wanted to give you a peek at a few tools I use during my writing. Plays are meant to be lived off the page and the more I can get my focus off the page itself, the better. The following resource help me escape myself a little and allow my artist child to play.

Below is the Spotify playlist for my play NOMAD AMERICANA. The curated list of music is something that I love to listen to during my writing with this piece in order to drop myself into the world of the play. Since being in grad school where I’m living in like five worlds at one time, the playlist are an absolute must that helps usher in my focus. And for this play in particular, where I’m writing displaced from my home state where the play takes place, the playlist help me feel at home.

I also love to create Pinterest boards for each of my plays. I enjoy collecting the images throughout the entire writing process and let it build naturally as I stumble upon something that captivates me. The curated images help make the world of play three dimensional for me and give me visuals to latch on to and launch off of.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 4.50.48 PM


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