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This week, as members of STAMP and I fundraise for PROM, I’m realizing something big. People love art. People want to experience art, specifically art that’s part of a communal experience. People will pay money to enrich their lives with art and support the work of artists.

Desiré was selling tickets at the end of the day, when lots of students are on their way home. She reached out to students in SVA and SOM and people were curious about our fundraiser and our thesis projects. People want to have a good time in the name of art!

This is helping me get more comfortable with the idea of fundraising for any projects I embark on in the future. I’m inspired by peers of mine who have started crowdfunding pages for their work and how they’ve been able to accomplish realistic goals with the help of others and by making smart choices through networking and self-promotion.

I think what has always scared me about asking for money is that money can be divisive. Thinking about it too much makes me sad about the universal truths of greed. But I must remember that money can and should be used for good purposes!

I’m making it a personal mission to keep supporting the work of those around me, and organizations that support the people and issues that I care about. As a broke college student, that may just look like buying a PROM ticket or a bake sale item for now, but I’m going to be sure to work donating to artistic causes as part of my *grand adult plan*.



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