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Who is This For?

When we approach a new project, one of the questions we need to be asking ourselves is who is this for? Who is the intended audience we want to hear, see, experience this story on stage? And in today’s world where the necessity of the art is being challenged, knowing who this is for and why is it for them is crucial.

But we also can’t be satisfied with relying on old marketing tactics to get our intended audience to the theatre. Beyond just knowing who your audience is we need to know how to reach them. In the months before your production, what can we do to engage an intended audience, and not for the sake of selling tickets. No, that’s not what this is about, but rather investing in a specific audience because you know this story is for them.

Of course we want anyone and everyone to be in and at the theatre, but the more specific we can get with knowing who we want our audience to be the better we can be at engaging that intended audience, therefore curating a more powerful night of theatre.

If we don’t know our intended audience… then who is this whole theatre thing for?



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