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Take 17! 18! 19!

As we wind down tech for Agamemdawn, I find myself reflecting on three things.

One, I have still not figured out how to spell Aggamemnonn.

Two, a statement that our director opened tech with: “Some actors use this time to be extra creative. As you run things over and over for the technical elements, you have the opportunity to try lines new ways and make new discoveries within scenes. Use the opportunity.”

This is a statement that clicked for me, because I am an actor that really enjoys working on screen, despite being in a stage program. And part of the reason I love working in film & television as a medium is because I feel a freedom (on fun sets and within endless takes of scenes) that I don’t feel on stage. On stage, there seems to be more requirements: Project! Be seen! Can the audience tell what you’re doing?

But on film: Do whatever! Be loud or quiet, it doesn’t matter, we’ll fix it in post. The camera sees what you’re thinking, don’t try so hard!

Coming from this place, comparing tech to working on film, made tech a lot more bearable. And as I reflect, I find myself thinking thought number three: Maybe I would be able to make sense of Alexander if I went back to it now. Eh. Maybe not.

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