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Presentation Matters!

Presentation matters.

I am someone who tends to focus on ideas, daydreams and questions, and forget about form.

As Jon Savage emphasizes in his Painting and Drawing class, no one takes the content seriously if the presentation is weak. His class forces me to think about how much time it takes to make stronger choices with form.

As a playwright, I am learning that the structure of the play must aid the content.

As a stone in Eurydice, my physical shape informs internal life.

As a dramaturg, we are the channel between the production and the audience and team of artists.

When discussing program notes, image work, and dramaturgical research binders, I noticed the form fit the needs of the content. The program notes were formatted to communicate a specific world of a play to a specific audience. It doesn’t matter if the content is rich and full if it doesn’t effectively engage the recipients of the content. Looking over the research binder, our next task in class, I noted that I was considered. The binder was formatted in a way so that I could find things easily, and the content itself was in a format that engaged me. How do you communicate the perception of Cuba, by Cubans, to American actors who possibly have never been and didn’t grow up there? The first piece of research for the “Cuba” section in the binder, was a short story describing Cuba in a way that made me feel like I understood the point of view I needed to have about the place.

In the past two years of training, my main focus was content-driven. Now I am determined to deepen how I communicate my ideas and, most importantly, the ideas of the work!

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