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The brilliance of the office.

It has been 6 years since I first watched NBC’s hit sitcom “the office” and 6 years later it is still the best sitcom I have ever had the privileged of watching. So many shows try extremely hard to be funny but almost no show succeeds. The office I feel has a lesson for me to learn in my writing. There is an ease in the writing which brings the characters to life. Rather than focusing on cheap tricks to bring about laughs it relies on real situations and the actors play the actions fully and believe in what they are doing entirely. This give the office an authenticity I have yet to see in any other comedy. This docudrama style is an incredibly useful way of engaging the audience directly in a film medium. This cinematic device allows the viewer to experience a similar freshness that I have only ever experienced in live theater.  I think I fall into the trap far to often of putting the character I am portraying into boxes, thinking no way my character would do this.” But this show proves the opposite to me. People inherently are unpredictable and strange and even the most normal human being can perform the strangest action if placed in the right circumstances.  And that is what I think is the key to the office. It perfectly encapsulates the weirdness and beautiful unpredictability of life.

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