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Labyrinth and the use of Comedy

I have been struck by the darkness of our world recently and have been fascinated with the way art speaks to our current moment. I want to know what form of theater (Drama, Comedy) whatever it may be will have the most effect on an audience to cause them to seek change for the better. I myself have often fallen prey to the stigma surrounding comedies thinking that in their lightness they lose much of the punch of dramas. In some instances I am write but in any where comedy is used effectively I am extremely wrong. The hugeness of Boston University’s production of Labyrinth of Desire allowed the audience to engage in a conversation about the fluidity of sexuality and gender without the usual stigma surrounding it.  I was fascinated to watch the older members of the audience chuckle along thinking to myself that either my idea of our elders (based on personal experience) is either outdated or the form of the show was doing something special. Even if they did not understand everything I believe that exposure will make them more open to experiences like this in the future. And I hope for myself to continue to be lucky enough to see more productions like this one in the future.

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