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Hope in the Darkest Places

I recently finished the play Pillowman by Martin McDonagh. I was struck by the lightness of the dialogue and the darkness of the action. On first glance this could be interpreted as the sinister underbelly of the world. We are brought up as children like in the stories of the play believing one thing but our illusion of this safe world as we grow older is shattered. I of course am writing from a place of extreme privileged since this window for me lasted into my early teenage years. But I think this conclusion too is reductive because there is something hiding underneath the dark imagery in the show. And that thing, in my opinion, is hope. Even in the darkest places in the world there is always a glimmer of hope. We has humans have an incredible ability to find even the smallest victories in the greatest defeats. This hope that exists throughout the play I feel is essential to the world of the play but also in our world today. Remember there will always be a tomorrow.

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