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Don Juan and the Dangers of our societies ideas of Masculinity.

For our thesis Jessie and I chose to put on a Production of Don Juan comes back from the war. This play at the time I read it instilled fear in me at the thought of putting it on. We both felt the script spoke to the toxicity of masculine culture we had been raised around but were also aware that if this show was handled the wrong way it could come across supporting the very construct we were trying to question. In the script Don Juan has just come back from the first world war to a German country that has been totally decimated by four years of war. He is desperate to find comfort in his idea of what his past once was. Through the course of his journey however he discovers that the past he is trying to return to never really existed in the first place. I was fascinated by the audience response to this show. Each night we had a mix of shock and people who were just like “Yup. That’s the way the world works”. I was particular interested in how this show spoke to the few “frat” kids who deiced to spend an evening at a performance. I was heartened to see that even my friend who I thought was least likely to be moved by this piece was struck with a bout of conscious and expressed regret to me later that night about some of the ways he’s chosen to live his life. Although this victory is microscopic, it gives me hope that art can still have an impact even on the most close minded individuals all we need to find is the right ways of speaking to them.

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