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Street performance has always been one of my great passions. It began as a fun way to meet people and get cash and has developed for me as an honest form of exploring what the population is like in a specific region. I first started busking in Halifax Nova Scotia my first year at university. Halifax is rich in busker history. Street performing is an art form there and they are super supportive of young artists. Everyone from the wealthiest to the poorest individuals contribute financially and there is little distinction between the amounts given from those groups of people either, meaning someone of lower economic status is just as likely to give you money as someone who comes from an upper class family. Moving to Boston I discovered there is a stark difference in people. Boston’s citizens are much less likely to give money. The Extreme wealthy are often the least likely to contribute to you performing. Tourists were my life blood as were young people shopping around where I was playing. There is a lack of respect from the ultra wealthy often times and out of conflicts I’ve had with people (which I can count on my hand (when I am kicked out of playing in an area)) the residents of the Boston gentry make up most of that list. I find sitting and listening to what people like is essential for understanding the city I’m performing in. I think this tool of testing the water will be a useful way for me to encounter cities I move to in the future. What better way of knowing the population than bringing you art to the streets and seeing what sticks with the people.

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes, guitar, sky, tree, child and outdoor11021111_775253105891222_4362371972684882386_n

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