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I’m in love with a theatre. Honestly. She’s my last thought before I go to bed; and my first thought when I wake up. We’ve been on a few dates, and I even met her in person a few weeks ago. She’s beautiful: Has two stages, gorgeous gothic architecture, and she’s warm and friendly. I made the initial move and sent her an application, telling her how in love I am with her and how I think we’re perfect for one another. I told her how I’d love to spend the 2017-18 Season with her, learn about her, observe her, and learn from her, and contribute to her own success. She responded, and I was ecstatic. We spoke on the phone! (Thought I should share that, considering how rare that is nowadays with texting and Tinder and all that jazz.) Our conversation really energized me, and, not gonna lie, I think I fell for her a little harder after our talk.

Then she invited me to her place ;). I took a plane just to see her and talk to her…I’m telling you, I’m whipped. I thought about her the whole plane ride home.

She told me she’d contact me “hopefully by the end of April.” It’s May 4th now and I’m feeling withdrawal. Should I be that annoying person that contacts the other one way too much? Or should I play it cool (even though I’m crumbling inside)?

PLEASE LOVE ME, I wanna scream. Please PAY ATTENTION TO ME, I LOVE YOU, I want to write to her in a love note. PLEASE RESPOND, DARLING.

But all I can do is wait. I’m waiting, and waiting, and waiting, to learn if she chose me. I know there’s lots of fish in the sea, but hopefully she was able to SEE me. And see that we’re a good match, and that I’ll give her my all. I’m just waiting for lover girl to give me a call. An email’s fine too.


About gbfontenele

Director and dramaturg in training. Free spirit and questioner from the beginning.

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