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The Last Show at the BUT

Since the start of this quarter everyone has been talking about how Labyrinth, and Tiger will be the last shows at the BUT. Originally this meant very little to me, honestly. I think a lot of it had to do with how I view the whole new building situation. For me the new building is really exciting because of what it will do for the program years down the line, even if it isn’t something I am directly effected by or get to use to its full potential in the rest of my time here. But over the course of the quarter and working on Labyrinth I have started to feel the weight of what “the last show in the BUT” really means. When I think about what this building is I can’t help but think of all those who have come through this program. For those people this building was their home. Studio 210 and the Mainstage were their backyard and playground. For 30+ years this building has been the container for some of the best artistic education, growth, and development in the country. And now all that is changing. Our new home will be for the next generation. No one in BU right now will really get to see what the potential of that space will be. Although the BUT has so so many problems, I will miss this place. I truly believe that having this building, sharing it with the Hunt is something that no other theatre program in the country can say they offer its students. I feel lucky to be able to work on these last productions, I feel lucky to have been able to use this space, and I feel lucky to be able to be so involved in this transition to our new building.


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