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So, I’ve inevitably been thinking a lot about graduation over the past few weeks. I’ve experienced the gamut of classic post-grad feelings: fear, anxiety, readiness, suspense, excitement, bewilderment. But an aspect of post-grad life that had not occurred to me until recently suddenly took me by surprise:

graduating = no more student ID

Trust me, it’s not that I’m sad to see the physical card go (my picture is quite hilarious), but it’s the benefits of the card that I am having difficulty letting go of. For example, with that little piece of plastic, I have gained free entry to the Museum of Fine Arts, the ICA, the Huntington, the Boston Ballet, the Opera, etc. I’ve flashed that card alongside my toothy, higher education-smile and waved my way into some of the cities most elite ~ and expensive ~ institutions. And did I fully appreciate that until just now? Not a chance.

The thought of having to pay full-priced tuition for my art consumption is jolting. It’s not that I don’t love the idea of supporting the arts, I do. However, I would just rather it be out of the pocket of a privately funded, multi-million dollar institution rather than my own broke one. I’m going to have to start budgeting out my artistic outings in a way I’ve been fortunate enough not to have to in the past, and I have a strong feeling that’s going to suck.

This is especially daunting when thinking about how expensive New York is(where I will be by the Fall) compared to Boston. Here’s a quick little glance at what we’re dealing with:

MoMa: $25 per adult

Natural History Museum: $22 per adult

New York Philharmonic: $46 (cheapest starting price)

NYC Ballet: $30 (cheapest starting price)

Broadway: lets not even.

I think you guys catch my drift. I guess this post is dedicated to all of the incredible experiences my student ID has afforded me over the past four years. I wish that I had understood its value earlier and used it to the best of my ability despite my hectic schedule. I know that after graduation I will find myself at some point having to decide between basic lifestyle choices and supporting the arts. And I bet that’s going to be hard, and it’s going to suck, but it will also be a sign of adulthood….and, unfortunately there’s no ID for that.

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