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There’s This Piece In My Back Pocket

I read Sarah Kane’s Blasted the way I read E.F.’s Visit To a Small Planet. Not so much in the way of how to read or write a play, but in what a play can contain. I read it at the start of every semester. Reading Sarah Kane changed my life in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. Reading reviews of her work ignites this anger in me that I’ve spent the second half of my college education trying to channel in a productive manner. Watching her work makes me believe in love all over again. That might sound masochistic, but I believe Cleansed at the National Theatre was one of the most moving theatrical experiences I’ve ever had. The living manifestation of hurt involved in loving someone makes me cry at the thought, and I-

So there’s this piece living in my back pocket.

It’s not terribly well-written.

It’s not horribly written either.

But I fear many people will find it horrible.

Some already have.

It’s set in the mind of a young woman in the process of waking up from a coma after falling victim to some pretty traumatic events.

The play ends when she wakes up.

I want to include shadow puppetry, possibly at the end, retelling exactly what happened.

The play explores how the mind processes trauma in the subconscious before she even comes to consciousness.

We won’t ever know if she carries what she’s processed over into her waking memory. Because her subconscious does not process the events in a linear fashion.

I wrote it after reading Blasted while I was at the University of Edinburgh.

I don’t know how I feel about it.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have a rational feeling about it.

But I don’t believe In Yer Face Theatre is dead, yet.

It’s just lying comatose.


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