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The Finish Line

There comes a point in every build process where there’s a final push to the finish line. In the TP department we see the finish line as Load-In. This week everyone in the shop has been doing their part, making their final push to get everything done so it is ready to go into the space. This year, unlike other years has been relatively easy in terms of build and load-in’s and now everyone feels pretty confident that everything will go well this quarter. Since it is the last load-in of the year some people are already becoming a little checked out. As a leader its been a struggle to keep the crews motivation high at this time. There aren’t any big jobs left on the shop floor, just little nit picky tasks that aren’t fun and just need to get done. As a carpenter these are the worst jobs to get. School teaches us to think when we work and to not just become neck down carpenters. When you start getting jobs that are for the most part pretty neck down, you don’t really take any ownership of it and don’t enjoy doing it as much. I hope that as we start putting scenery into the spaces it becomes easier to keep the crew motivated. I think that seeing all the scenery start to come together will in part motivate them on their own.


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