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An Invitation: Sunday April 23

Hi all,

You are cordially invited to a staged reading of my play, Cap, or, El Límite, presented by Off the Grid Theatre Company this Sunday, April 23, at 7pm. The reading will be held in the front theater at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, 949 Commonwealth Ave, and is free, with all suggested donations going to Hyde Square Task Force. It is directed by Shana Gozansky.

Cap, or, El Límite is a controversial, passionate, pushing-my-limits piece that means a lot to me, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s the synopsis:
Andi is being primed to be the poster child of her charter school–but her grades are dropping, and she finds herself in the middle of a political battle that she doesn’t want to fight. As Andi’s teacher Ms. D pulls her in one direction, what she knows about her cousin Miguel pulls her in another–and then there’s the new teacher candidate noticing too much, and Vick falling in love with her, and the teenage Chorus just commenting on everything. As the pro-charter protest approaches and Andi is chosen to speak, Andi has to decide whether to be the mouthpiece of the institution or to speak as herself.

Featuring: Tatiana Gil, Eva Hughes, Maryanne Truax, Jaymes Sanchez, Mara Elissa Palma, Caleb Cedrone, Tonasia Jones, Veronica Wiseman, and more.


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