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My Hardest Class

prg_DSC8952_1160x520pxA few days ago I finished, what has been one of the most difficult classes I have taken at Boston University, Lighting Crafts. As a Theatre Arts Major I am required to take a D and P credit to graduate so I settled on Lighting Crafts on a whim ( Most likely due to the once a week meeting time). I now have a new respect for how much work needs to go into live theatre on every end to make it work. I was swamped from day 1 with trying to figure out how to speak the specific language that surrounds the world of lighting and Electricity. I have always taken for granted how much you actually have to know to be able to properly operate and run light boards. Not only do you need to know the system that runs the light but you have to know all the specifics of the light and wiring themselves in case of a malfunction. The fact that a modern show is able to run seems like a small miracle. So many little pieces have to go right to even get the show off the ground and the slightest error: Whether in programming or rigging, could spell disaster. How ever difficult it may have been I am very happy to have my view of the world expanded.


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