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dat writer flow doe

I chose to write comedy for my thesis project because it is terrifying and challenging. Being funny is something that I have never taken ownership of in a formal artistic manner in any way whatsoever. If I am funny was by accident. On stage, I realized that I can have some great comedic timing and chemistry when I performed as Big Brother in Javier Malpica’s Our Dad is in Atlantis. Now, as I sit in a writers room for the first two weeks of material generating for SHEBANG, a sketch comedy devised piece , I am challenging myself to not just own myself constantly as a writer, but as writer that writes comedy. I came into the room as a poet and am quickly realizing that form, planning, and structure is key to excellent comedy. I am learning that my natural inclination is to push back against structure instead of leaning in, so it is an awesome challenge to learn how to embrace and lean on structure to help me tell a story. I have my collaborators who are constantly pushing me in all the right places to continue to generate as much content as I can, and to continuously run straight into the discomfort of structure.

I am getting used to it! And now that I am forced to write everyday, because I am responsible to myself, my work, and my collaborators, I have found that I am in a good flow!! For the first time, I have gotten out my own damn way when it comes to creating a writing schedule and man let me tell you, this is the way to do it for me. It creates a kind of creative pattern inside my mind, I find, which just gets the creative juices in a constant flow. It is excellent. I love writing. I am learning to embrace structure with the hope that I will then approach my plays with a more structural eye…because I need that. I can already tell that this Thesis experience is going to be a pivotal point for my writing life. Thank God.


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