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A Hyperactive Actor’s Reflection on a Week of Auditions


You’ve got mail!

A new audition!

Quick prepare!

Read the script read the lines read the notes read the email read the notice read the script read the time read the place read the date read the sides read the lines

Get there. Don’t forget. Don’t forget. Don’t forget. The resume. The headshots. The lines. The sides. The monologue. The time. The place. The date. The resume. The

Hi How Are You Where You From Did you bring your resume? Did you bring your headshot? Did you bring yourself?

So have fun with it. Just have fun. Relax. Breathe. Do. Don’t forget. Just feel. Just breathe. Just do. Take your time. Take your time. Take your time. Take your fucking time. Stop. Slow down. Breath.

That was great! Are you available? Are you ready? Can you come again? That will be all. See you next week?

Prepare again. Prepare tenfold. Prepare to lose. Prepare to win. Prepare yourself. Prepare for a ride. Read the script.

Arrive early. Too early. Very early. Can you see my nerves? Can you smell my sweat? Can you hear my thoughts racing on a treadmill of I want this job I want this job I want this job What do I have to prove to get this job.

Meet the others. (Because it’s never just you.) Read the sides. Read with a scene partner. Exchange pleasantries. I want to work with you. (I hope I don’t work with you.) Do the scene. Make strong choices. Don’t make weak ones. Are you strong? Are you capable? Are you present? Are you generous? Are you going too fast? slow down slow down slow down slow

Next up. Group Creativity. Ensemble. Do you work well with others? What about the others that don’t work well with you? How do you make them look good while making yourself look good while staying in and being committed and being present and standing out but complete the cohesive whole and say “yes and” and do “yes and” and why aren’t you “yes and”ing. Don’t let the frustration show. Do your part. Do your best.

Made it through. *dingdingding* FINAL ROUND. One last time. One last chance. Prove you’re capable. Prove you’re worthy. Prove you deserve it.

Sides. Lines. Conversation. Exchange. Dialogue. Choice. Strong choice. Deliberate choice. Intelligent choice. Wait. ORIGINAL choice. Don’t copy don’t copy don’t copy. What is your version not what is the right version. Who is the best that you can be what is the best that you can bring.

Don’t choke. Don’t falter. Don’t trip on your nerves. Don’t trip on your fears. Don’t trip on your doubt.

Remember to breathe. It’s not about you and them. Its about you and the betterment of you and the best of you and the growth of you.

Breathe. Take it slow.

And when you’re done take a bow. Because you’ve earned it.


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