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Somethings to come.

Is anyone else as excited for 4th quarter as I am? Just to be clear I’m like REALLY excited. This week we kicked off build for Labyrinth of Desire and Tiger At The Gates and after seeing completed scenic models for both sets I cannot wait to get to see the shows. Not only do the models look RIDICULOUSLY good but both shows have really cool and unique scenic elements that we don’t get to do here a lot. Labyrinth for example has a giant turning wall, a giant (partially) falling wall, a massive tracking wall that moves SR-SL, hidden doors, trap doors, flying scenery and more…and that’s just one show! Tiger is transforming 210 into a marble palace, with pillars and painted drops both of which we almost never do. It’s almost as though Jimmy and Andrew (the scenic designer for each show) both got together and tried to come up with the two coolest scenic designs possible in those spaces for the last time. And although these two shows are going to be the last two shows we are doing at the BUT there have been a lot of new developments happening at the new building that are getting everyone in the TP department excited for the new space. Really overall there just seems to be a really great energy throughout the entire scene shop this quarter and its just an extra little bonus that the two sets we are working on are equally as cool in their own unique ways.I am excited to see how this quarter plays out but as of right now we are off to a pretty strong start. Hopefully this momentum and positive energy keeps flowing and we finish even stronger than we started this quarter.



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