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New Faces

I was once asked during a build call if I ever get tired of teaching people the same things over and over, and my immediate answer was no, absolutely not.

One thing I love so much about working in a scene shop is getting to know all the different people I work with. I like to try to learn and understand how they work and how I can adapt myself to work effectively with them. Here I get to meet and work with new people every quarter as part of the freshman production rotation.

Some people in my department see the rotation as a burden because we never have labor with a consistent skill level. But to me its a time to really help people learn. You know I tell everyone I work with that they’re able to learn the same skills as me and do them just as well, if not better than I can. Most times when I say that to a freshman performance core they laugh and tell me there no way that’s true, but it is. I truly believe that as long as someone is willing to learn all the skills they are easily attainable. They don’t take any talent or special requirements. They don’t discriminate against skin tone, gender, or age. Really the only thing you need to do in order to gain the skills is be willing to learn. Usually whenever I say that they just kinda stare (probably thinking I’m crazy) and continue with whatever task we were doing. To prove it to them that I really do think they are capable I slowly try to get them to do a job they don’t think they can do on their own. I’ll show them all the steps run through it with them, make sure they don’t have any questions and then its off on their own.

To me the joy that someone else gets once they’ve completed a job is priceless. It makes teaching the same things to new faces worth it for me. And also to me it is kind of what school is all about. I believe that in our career fields everyone around us has the ability to be both teachers and students simultaneously. With every group that comes through the shop I hope to try and teach one thing to every person, and in the process I hope to learn more about them or how I can become a better teacher for people in the future.


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