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High School Musical 4: Vacation to the Border Wall

The following is a general response to the idea that arts education is a non-essential part of the federal budget.
It is a response the notion that the only thing we should be spending our money on is big guns and not care of the people who fire them.
It is a response to the fabricated reality that firing real guns is a more worthwhile job than firing fake ones.
It is an opinion piece about the fact that the current administration more concerned with the global stage than the ones in our smaller communities.

I am not a politician. But I could play one on TV.
Especially now that our politicians came from TV.

I am not a banker or a budget balancer. But I could play one on TV.
Especially now that the man who speaks on behalf of the government’s budget is just looking for a slot on the Monday night shows.

4 billion dollars since 1965 invested in the state of the Arts. 589.5 billion dollars spent in 2015 to keep the military State of the Art.

And you’re telling me we can’t find it somewhere?


Bill Bramhall, NY Daily News, March 20 2017

If you want to build a wall somewhere, give the money to some small theatre who needs to build some sets. Those walls will be more useful than whatever facacta idea you’ve boiled up.

If you want to see more people with health insurance, give the money to some small theatre so they can afford to pay their employees a living wage with benefits.

If you want to piss money down the drain so your child can attend the school of his choosing, send a little extra to the schools around the country so they can continue providing arts education.

You seem to understand the benefits of outlandish and gaudy, hyper-theatrical spaces (if your home is anythign to go by), so why not send a few bucks the way of the scene shop who needs a little bit more gold paint?

You seem to understand the importance of wigs, so why not send some money to a costume shop that could use a few more wigs (that hopefully look a bit more realistic).

You seem to understand how hard it is to have to work with something that is smaller than what you need to get the job done, so you must understand how frustrating it is to work with a budget that just isn’t big enough. Melania probably feels it too.

What I’m trying to get at here, 45, is that I think you’re dumb. I think you lacked the kind of education that turns people into good people. I think you missed the point in your life where you found the thing in school that really lit your fire and provided you a place to figure out who you really were. I think instead of spending too much time in the wings, you’ve spent too much time in your daddy’s wallet. I think instead of finding friends in the solace of the theatre, you found them in the secrets rooms in Russia. I think instead of the point in your life where kids find the thing that makes them feel alive, you’ve been looking for it your whole life. And bigger hands is not the answer.

The arts have been an integral part of the success of a community since the beginning of human existence. Before that, even, since the stars arranged themselves in some sort of pattern long before we were here.

But this was never really about the arts. It was about making a statement, showing us where your priorities lie. Well, we’re all pretty clear about it now, 45.

And that is the importance of storytelling.

Shame that in this story, you shook out to be the antagonist.


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