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Our future.

How do we go on when the “system” seeks our destruction? Do we fight? Do we hide? Do we run and hope for the best? We must show them that we are unafraid and are willing to take a stand. Too often I have been willing to sit back and watch while people I care about are hurt. Too often I have sat and waited for a broken chain of command to be righted by the history books. How do I use my privilege in society to effect change for the better? The National endowment for the Arts and EPA make up less than .2 percent of our national budget. Our military spending is already larger than the next ten countries put together. It is on us more than ever to ensure that what money we put into the economy supports only those causes which are essential to our survival. How do we as people ensure that there is a future generation? Are we capable of thinking about a time further than 2 years down the road? The world will survive no matter what we do the only question is do we as human’s want to be a part of its future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySTQk6updjQ


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