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Five Ways to Resist as an Artist

We’re all enraged that the current administration is cutting the NEA, NEH, Meals for Wheels, and everything else that matters to our country. And it’s easy to get swept up in this rage and sadness and have a bit of a breakdown. Go ahead–do that. Emotions are important. But once you’ve wiped off the tears, make a list of actions you can take to use your rage to protest these ridiculous policies and show that art is useful in these times. After all, there’s a reason the cutting of the NEA is a blow to your heart. THE ARTS ARE IMPORTANT.

Here’s a short list to get you started:

  1. Call and lodge your protest. Share your heartfelt gut reaction with your congressperson or the head of a congressional committee. Here are specific scripts and phone numbers from thesixtyfive.org to get you started.
  2. Submit a script to the Protest Plays Project. Right now, there’s a call for plays based around science to show on the day of the Earth Day March for Science. Write one and send it in! (Thanks to Kira Rockwell for this tip.)
  3. Join the Standing Up for Racial Justice Arts Committee (if you’re in Boston, email Kristen Aldrich at kristen.aldrich@gmail.com; elsewhere, contact your local SURJ chapter). This committee is currently focused on creating a visual arts campaign to combat racism. Note: SURJ focuses on educating white folks about structural racism and how we can start dismantling it. You can learn more about SURJ here.
  4. Attend the Artists Against Racism fundraiser for the Anti-Racism Collaborative tomorrow, March 18.
  5. Get real creative in your responses to this GOP survey about 45’s approval rating. The “Other, please specify” box is BEGGING for your artistry.

So–pick your favorite! Share your own list! Let’s do this!


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