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Some Jazz grabbed my soul and Bars are Art too.

Last week I went to Manhattan for my senior showcase performance. My four days in the city were spent differently than how I usually spend my time when I visit or even when I lived in NYC. I did not see any broadway shows, I did not cruise along the Upper West Side for hours, I did not eat at Big Nicks Pizza place, and I did not get tea at Alice’s Tea Cup or have dinner at Serendipity. I stayed in Brooklyn with my dear friend Klaudyna who also attends BU along with friends Ryhver and Lourdes. I walked through the Brooklyn and Union Square area more than anything else and I would say the highlight of the whole trip was our night out at this speak easy bar in China Town called Apotheke. This romantically low-lit Apothecary themed bar was aesthetically on point adorned with delicate chandeliers, patterned ceilings, and gorgeous empty bottles as decor behind the bar. I felt like I had been transported in time. This is art if I have every experienced it.

So this is the scene in which about seven young men probably in their late 20s to early 30s, a jazz band began to perform. They all simply formed a semi-circle with mics in an area next to the bar and started jamming. Instantly Lou and I were drawn to the music.  We stood right behind or next to them as they performed. I think maybe our proximity to them had something to do with how almost violently the vibrations and JOY hit my body.

You know when people say people are the most attractive when they are doing what they love? I witnessed that in these men…I witnessed a group of people being exactly where they wanted to be doing exactly what they wanted to be doing more than anything in the world. I thought, this is it. That is what pure love for a craft looks like. Their joy spilled into their sound and into my soul and I really was overwhelmed with how incredible the sounds being made by these artists. A severe revere and appreciation bubbled up inside me for these artists as they improved and then covered a Drake song (which I would say was better than the original).

These guys remind me of the raw joy and passion I have for my work. They reminded me that success looks like vastly different things, and that for my money, these guys are embodied one of my artistic goals in life: To be goofy happy doing my art, and to touch others hearts while doing it.

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