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Call for Submissions: Resume of Failures

I, Kira Rockwell, invite all playwrights who have “MADE IT,” to submit their resume to me to be studied by me in my 2017-2018 season at Boston University.



The Deadline for Submissions: you missed it… but send it in anyway ASAP!


  • Playwright must have had at least one of those magical, breakout career moments. But don’t tell me about that moment. Tell me everything that led up to that moment.
  • Grant winners, Fellowship winners, Published, Produced, Pulitzer Prize Playwrights
  • Length: At least two pages… like at least… GIMME THE DETS!
  • Format: Must be 12 point in any font BUT Times New Roman.
  • Each resume must be submitted electronically. PDF only. I will not consider paper copies because I’m not about to broadcast my address publicly on the internet.
  • Email PDF as an attachment to: kirarockwell@gmail.com
  • Email two files: your resume file and a candid photo of you stressing the f out.
  • The Resume must include the playwright’s name, a detailed timeline of their pathway of failures. Also include (1) a one- or two-sentence summary of your failures and (2) a brief playwright failure biography.
  • International submissions are welcome. All resumes must be in English.
  • Use the Subject Line: GETTINREALFRONCE: _______ (playwright’s name)
  • Each playwright may submit only one resume—send me your worst!
  • We will not consider or respond to resumes that contain cover ups, surface level responses, bragging, sugar coating, positivity, magical mentors, or celebrations.
  • Success of any kind will not be tolerated!
The Resume should include but is not limited to, recordings of rejection letters, emails that received no reply, timeline of your writer’s block, number your failed relationships due to your commitment to your art, awkward coffee dates with people of influence, embarrassing reviews, diary entries, etc.  Please send me anything and everything that gives me a better understanding of how much you struggled.


I look forward to seeing your authentic path of failure.

For questions, please email Kira at kirarockwell@gmail.com

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