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Last night I got the immense pleasure of watching a STAMP production of UNDOCUMENTED. It was championed by director Rhyver White and two actors: Tatiana Gil and Lourdes Martinez. These women did an incredible job with the set up, storytelling and the “why now.”

I really appreciated the opening, or prologue. The girls, directly and indirectly explained how they came upon the play they chose to do. They discussed the lack of Latinx plays that were accessible to them by nature of: the plays just not existing, our casting pool lacking latino people, or plays with the right amount of Latinx people and a story worth telling. After searching and searching they finally settled on OUR DAD IS IN ATLANTIS. It is an incredibly thought provoking play about two boys as they begin the search for their father who has left Mexico to work in Atlanta. The two boys featured are young, the older 11, the younger 8 at the start of the play. They discuss things far past their understanding and by doing so, place the innocent concerns of a fatherless child into the laps of the audience. By the end of the play the boys decide to travel to United States on their own; they are at the border, sneaking through the night and the play closes just as we hearing sirens of the ICE approaching.

This play did so much for me and I am still processing where it left me. This is the kind of story that needs to be told right now. Anyone who wants to “build that wall” should see this play.

I am so grateful that these women shared this piece with us. Thank you.


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