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These are a few of my favorite things…

This week has been a lot. And I don’t just say that lightly because I know every week feels like “a lot” in this program. But this week I chose to do my Contemporary Dramatic Literature Presentation on March 1st and my directing presentation on March 2nd all while my show is still in performance, I’m casting my thesis, and showcase is around the corner. I am truly living my life day by day. March 6th (showcase) seems like leap years away because it cannot be on my priority list until March 5th.


Why did I chose to do all this in the same week?

Because I enjoy inflicting pain on myself, obviously.


So this week I am going to list some things that inspire me in life and, therefore, in art because the two are inextricably linked…

1.) My Parents.

  • My Mom for being my constant support. She means the world to me. She is a woman who continues to surprise me every damn day with how cool she is. The other day I was wearing a jacket she gave me and, out of the blue, she told me that an old WWII gunner gave it to her in a bar. When he was in the middle of a battle on a plane shooting at a Japanese plane, his gun got jammed, he thought he was going to die, but he found a small piece of metal that unjammed the gun and saved his life. He also gave this piece of metal that saved his life to MY MOM. Like what? WHO ARE YOU MOM? Anyway, that was a tangent, but she’s so fucking inspiring.
  • My Dad for being the goofy, little man I have come to know and adore. He has taught me that growth is possible even late into our 70s. He has embraced me and the world more and more every day, and I am forever grateful for that. He is a good one
  • 2.) Iceland. Because, honestly, that country never ceases to be interesting.
  • 3.) Cows. Because they’re adorable and don’t give a fuck.
  • 4.) Christopher Walken (for the same reason as cows) and also because he is just the best dancer. Oh, and that one scene with Dennis Hopper in True Romance.
  • 5.) A great script. I had the opportunity to work on God’s Ear this quarter and Jenny Schwartz continues to blow my mind each and every night.
  • 6.) A really great glass of red wine.
  • 7.) A cheese board. That makes #6 even better.
  • 8.) My classmates and teachers. God, they’re some kind, cool people.
  • 9.) THE WORLD. Because there is so much in it to discover. Literally, so much. Travel is one of the most important things for me. I would not be the person I am today if I stayed in one country all my life.


And I’m gonna just write 9 because most people probably expect me to write 10 and screw expectation.


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