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What questions lead you through life?

Many if not all great plays have embedded in them a dramatic question. Whether the play began as an answer to a question or with impulse to insight them, it seems the tension and excitement does indeed rest in the concept of the unknown answer. I have been thinking a lot lately about what major questions lead me through life. I see that these questions are the questions I am attempting to answer in my art making. So, what are some of these questions you may wonder? Well…I feel that these questions are a map to who I am. Folks of the internet, here I present you with a unfinished map of myself:

What is love?

How does love operate?

Where is my step-mom?

Does God exist?

Why doesn’t the Catholic Church promote self-love?

Can power ever be good?

Is there a good and bad?

What does it mean to be human?

What is beauty and what purpose does it serve if any?

How does pain work?

What is the relationship between time and love, and grief and love?




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