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The Start of a Process

As all of you know, here at BU there isn’t much down time. Before 3rd quarter even ended I’ve found myself in more 4th quarter production meetings and design meetings. This week alone I’ve heard the term “start of this process” about 10,000 times and its got me thinking about what I love most at the start of each process.

For me this is the part of every process when my creative juices are flowing the most. I love talking to scenic designers about crazy set ideas no matter how far-fetched they actually are. At this point of our process I don’t care about budget or scale of the show, I want to hear everything the designer has in their head and help them find different ways we can actually execute their ideas. I love going up to Joel (my adviser) and saying “Joel, the designer wants this crazy thing, and I have thought of everything I can think of and still have no idea how to do it” because those moments make me feel like I’m going to learn the most. And even if the crazy thing doesn’t end up happening (most times it doesn’t because lets be real ain’t nobody got the money for that) at least I’ve had the theoretical experience of how it could be done.

Another thing I love about the start of a process is that it is the time when everyone is most on board. In this program especially it is really cathartic to go from weeks of notes and tech of a show into something completely new and exciting. And with that you get to meet and work with new people. You catch a glimpse of how they go about their own process and how you can work together or learn something that maybe then you incorporate into your work.

The surge of ideas and passion at the start of a process is when everyone is trying to get to the root of what the thing we are trying to do is. Getting a chance to be a part of that, and helping everyone figure out what exactly we want to do and how we can do it is invigorating and inspires me. It is one of the many reasons I love doing what I do and helps me enter each process with a positive and open perspective.



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