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Mainstream Media Accountability Survey: Round 1

Sometimes the greatest theatre happens outside theatrical spaces. This week, we are privileged enough to witness, not one, but TWO of the most excellent performative acts in the history of the world wide web, courtesy of our Commander in Chief.

As we all know, the president of the United States has never been afraid of speaking on behalf of himself. In fact, here’s a snippet of all of the things he proclaims to be the greatest at.


As we can see, he is clearly a god walking amongst mere mortals. However, there are those evil people in the media hellbent on tearing him down with lies.


Never fear though, for the messiah always has a plan. Rather than rolling over, the Don decided to take it straight to the people with his Mainstream Media Accountability Survey. Something he forgot to mention in the greatest hits video above is his immense prowess in divising unbiased polls. With such questions as, “Do you trust MSNBC to fairly report on our campaign?” and, “Do you trust the mainstream media to tell the truth about the Republican Party’s positions and actions?” We are off to an excellent start.

But it gets even better, because after the seventh question of thirty, actual questions become a thing of the past. Instead, our strongman elects (lol) to go for declarative statements. These gems include, but are not limited to, “The media purposely tries to divide Republicans against each other in order to help elect Democrats.””American history is being rewritten by “social justice” activists.”and my personal favorite, “If Donald Trump said or did half of the things Hillary Clinton has, the media would effectively end his candidacy.”

Let us examine the theatrics of such an event, for the Don has put on quite a show. First off, the notion that this survey is at all scientific is laughable: every “question” is designed to confirm a narrative that the administration is attempting to concoct. Yet through thick and thin, as his fact becomes fiction, as the character becomes more and more unbelievable, Donald continues to rise above. The willingness of many of this country’s audience members to buy into his clearly inauthentic performance is a quandary of the modern theatrical age.

 Much like the star system of casting, it matters not the quality of his performance, only that he is performing. People will continue to watch as long as he continues to occupy the spotlight. At this point, the only person who could cause his downfall is himself.
Perhaps it’s just a matter of time.

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