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Its Collaborative

This week, as all of us enter into Tech and prepare for our shows to open I find myself reflecting back on everything that was 3rd Quarter. For me 3rd Quarter has been a whirlwind of stress and emotion, but the whole time I’ve managed to keep myself grounded with the goal of just making it to and getting through this week.

Although working on Much Ado About Nothing has taken its toll on me I have never felt more reassured as to why I love what I do. For me this art form has always been about the collaborative process and working on this show has by far been one of the most collaborative between design and production teams.

I an article I read recently for my Artful Management class, we learned about how Pixar has what they call a “Braintrust”. Basically what this group does is help collaborate and problem solve on all Pixar productions. This group isn’t there to interfere or take charge of the process, but rather it helps promote conversations to help the project reach its full potential. This quarter, I feel as though the design and production teams of Much Ado have all worked together in a very similar way.Each week at our production meetings we have all shared what’s happening in our departments and participated in giving feedback to everyone. Through these conversations we have developed a deeper understanding of the work we are doing and what everyone’s role in telling the story has become. As we go into tech it has been so nice to see all the ground work we have laid come together to make what we hope will be a very smooth tech process (knock on wood).


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