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Emotionality First…..real stuff later 

As I’ve been on this journey as an artist and designer, I’ve found that I could never really pinpoint my aesthetic.  It’s has always eluded me how to describe in what manner I come up with a sound scape other than I wiped it out of thin air.  I’ve always struggled to convey my reponses and reactions to plays in a way that opens dialogue with collaborators.  

However, over the past week working on an assignment for my Sound Design 4 course, I’ve had an epiphany.  My way into a play is through its subliminality.  I’ve always been sensitive to the emotionality of stories.  I now realize that’s where I approach my designs from – how to sonically represent or reinforce the sentimental layers of a play.  I draw my inspiration from there.

As I develop ambience for a play, I hone in on how it will impact the audience and further assist in the emoting of the message being told.  I throughly thrive on continuing to deepen my understanding of that aesthetic and how it can used to further theatrical storytelling.


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