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Snow = contingency plans

On Wednesday evening, when the university officially announced Thursday’s classes were cancelled, the Wimberly Theatre erupted in a chorus of “woo” and “yes”, and two quiet “fuck”s. Everyone loves a good chance to sleep in, catch up on homework, and just plain relax before the long tech days, but for the technical directors and master electricians of ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore and Emmeline, a snow day meant a lost day of work. Even before the late evening announcement, the production staff for both shows were in conversation about what to do if school, and therefore production, was cancelled. Contingency plan after contingency plan was drafted and reworked based on the progress of each crew to answer the question, how can we be best prepared to go into tech? What is necessary? What can be done later? Each crew head was in conversation with the respective design team to figure out what elements were most essential to tell the story of the show and critical to the progress of tech, because not everything was going to get done. Schedules were adjusted, labor redirected, contingency plan finalized.

As I sit in a Sunday afternoon session of tech, we are still worried about the snow. Pouring over the notes list, we prioritize knowing that tonight’s evening session of tech and/or tomorrow’s 9a-6p notes session might get cancelled, now answering the question, what is do we need to accomplish in order to open the show? How necessary is that color swap? How important is it that all of the wall sconces work?  Is it more important to refocus that special, or add a light? How can we finish tech for the show but also give everyone a chance to run it before photo dress? The list eventually ends. Hopefully all these thoughts will be for naught. All I know is, the sooner the snow stops, the happier I will be.


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